While the Twitter deal is in the air, Elon Musk shows his dad-bod in Mykonos

Billionaire Elon Musk was seen wearing nothing but shorts and sun screen (we hope!) while the Twitter purchase ordeal is still happening.

Musk visited the Greek island of Mykonos

He and a small group of friends were seen in yacht mode laughing, swimming, sippin’ bubbly, and pretty much having a great time.


His friends included the recently married Ari Emanuel and Sarah Staudinger; together they were sailing the beautiful Aegean sea which is close to Izmir, the Turkish city founded by none other than Alexander the Great.

They were on board the “Zeus”


Since the yacht is a mere $20,000 per week, it can accommodate about six guests in three cabins while also having the boat crew at their service to take them anywhere they choose.


Those who have had the opportunity of being on a boat know that jumping from the boat into the sea is one of life’s greatest pleasures like Musk did, and right after he came back into the vessel his buddy Ari hosed him down to get rid of all the excess sea salt.


So to make a long story short, Musk wanted to buy Twitter for $44 billion, and then after much back and forth from the board, he backed down. Sources say that it seems Twitter was not very clear on revealing how many of the platform’s accounts are bots, this raised a red flag on the Space X founder’s keen sense of negotiation.

Musk said that they were acting in “bad faith” and decided to pull out of the deal, making everyone who was going to profit sweat millionaire bullets.


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