‘Who Are You Again?’: Jokes Run About in Serena Williams’ House Between Between Alexis Ohanian and Daughter Olympia

Serena Williams and her daughter Olympia Ohanian, are one of the most popular mother-daughter duos on the internet. Ever since her birth, 4-year-old Olympia has been the center of attention and affection from the world over. In fact, the adorable Olympia even has her own Instagram and Twitter platforms. Of course, it is Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian who run those accounts.

Olympia makes a bracelet to prevent ‘memory loss’ for dad
Entrepreneur and businessman Alexis Ohanian shared a beautiful and humorous story on his Instagram today. He shared a small boomerang video of his wrist, which was adorned by a bracelet Olympia made for him. In fact, the bracelet spelled out the name Olympia as well.


Alexis Ohanian shares what his daughter with Serena Williams said while giving him the bracelet. “I made this for you Papa so you will always remember me,” Alexis quoted Olympia. Clearly, the 4-year-old worries that her father might somehow forget his only daughter.

On the other hand, the 38-year-old dad had his own jokes to tell. He shared his own humourous response to his daughter’s gift. “Who are you again?” is what Alexis said to his daughter. Funnily enough, he pretended to have already forgotten his daughter, making her worst fears come true.


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