WWE plans for Sasha Banks


One of the most anticipated and important matches of the latest edition of the Showcase of the Immortals, Wrestlemania 37, was undoubtedly the one that closed the first evening dedicated to the show of the shows, with Sasha Banks who had to give her Smackdown champion belt to her colleague Bianca Belair.
In the match that has become historic for WWE for two reasons, that is, it was the first main event in the history of Wrestlemania with only two women and two black women, the two girls gave their best, bringing out a very convincing, which had made fans hope for a continuation of the very heated feud, but apparently, a few weeks before the PPV, it does not seem to be.

Just a few days after Wrestlemania, WWE announced that at Wrestlemania Backlash, the company’s next PPV, Bianca Belair will have to defend her title from the attack of c, also a former Friday Night Smackdown champion, who was not in the tour that has been titled for some time and that at Wrestlemania did not even appear in a match on the card.

Sasha Banks

What’s next for Sasha Banks?
Immediately after the announcement came as a surprise on the WWE social channels, with which the federation confirmed the match titled between Bianca and Bayley, many fans were a bit stunned and embittered, because they were convinced they were seeing the Wrestlemania feud continue, but it did not.
According to what was revealed by the well-known site Ringside News, the WWE would have deliberately kept the two girls apart, to wait for a rapprochement shortly, which should thus rekindle the feud between the two in an even more crackling and interesting way.

The Wrestlemania Backlash match with Bayley will only serve to increase Bianca Belair’s on-screen character, just in view of the return of Sasha Banks, with the girl who will then return to the charge, even more fierce, to try to recover that lost title at Wrestlemania 37.
So let’s expect, in all likelihood, an attack by Banks in the Smackdown episodes immediately after Backlash or even at the end of the match in the PPV itself. Although Bianca Belair’s victory over Sasha Banks received widespread praise, John Cena Sr thought the match “lacked a lot of luster”. He said he has always been a big supporter of women’s wrestling, but he had doubts about the execution of the Banks vs. Belair match. “I thought there were a few highlights in that match, but I will say this to you.

Sasha Banks

As a guy, and you know I’m an advocate of women’s professional wrestling, I backed them before they even started this [Women’s Evolution]. I think it lacked a lot of luster and I don’t think the opening [crying] helped put any more polish on the show”


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