WWE SummerSlam: Brock Lesnar tried to showboat and it went hilariously wrong

Brock Lesnar v Roman Reigns at SummerSlam was one of the wildest matches in WWE history.

Reigns and Brock have had seven singles matches against each other since their first in April 2015, but this one last night was nothing like any of the others.

Last night’s clash was a Last Man Standing match, and in the eyes of many, was the best bout that the duo has ever had with one another.

In one of the craziest spots in WWE history, Brock picked up the ring with a tractor, sending Roman flying.

That wasn’t the only crazy clip to come from the match, as another has emerged online showing some attempted showboating from Lesnar.

During the match, Lesnar threw Reigns to the outside of the ring, then tried to jump from the floor directly onto the barricade.

The spot would have been incredibly hard to pull off, and it didn’t quite work out, with Lesnar slipping and completely missing his landing.

The commentary team did a good job of moving on from the spot, saying that Lesnar would be taking his frustrations out onto Reigns, but seeing ‘The Beast’ miss his landing after trying to showboat was rather amusing.



Thankfully Lesnar didn’t injure him, and he did fall onto his feet rather than onto the ground, so the spot didn’t go as terribly wrong as it could have done.

However, the spot of the former UFC Heavyweight failing his showboat attempt in one of the biggest WWE matches of the year was pretty funny.



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