YK Osiris embarrasses himself at Drake’s luxurious mansion as he couldn’t operate toilet system

YK disgraces self at Drake's mansion

YK Osiris traveled to Canada this week and made a pit stop at Drake’s luxurious mansion in Toronto. During his time at Drizzy’s crib, YK pulled out his phone to capture some of the rooms in the home.
Drake at home

While using the bathroom, it appeared that YK didn’t know how to work the toilet, which is operated by a touch panel. When he pushed a button to close the lid, he accidentally tapped the button to flush it.

“This shit is crazy,” he said. When he pushed the close button, the lid slowly covered the toilet. “God-dang, what the fuck?” YK said in amazement. The South Florida native was also surprised that the toilet is also operable via Bluetooth.
Drake at home

But YK was even more impressed by Drake’s trophy room. The spacious setup features the OVO Sound leader’s Grammy trophies, Billboard Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards and more—all encased in special glass containers.

“This is what you call fucking greatness,” he said while filming the room. “It’s crazy, man. This is what I look up to, I swear to God, on my life. On my son, I do. Oh my god. Wow. It’s nasty, man. It’s nasty in here. Shit gets real messy, man.”
Drake's mansion

YK also briefly showed off Drake’s basketball court, where he grabbed a ball and landed a trick shot from the gym’s balcony straight into the hoop.

The “Worth It” singer ended his IG Story with a little joke, saying that he now owes Drizzy money as well.

“Damn now I owe drake money[.] Lol I’ll pay him next year,” YK wrote in a post along with laughing face emojis. “He will be alright lol[.] We’ll start fresh[.]”

Obviously, YK Osiris’ joke is in reference to the $5,000 debt that he owes to Lil Baby.

Somewhere Lil Baby is giving him the side-eye.

Watch YK Osiris land an impressive trick shot at Drake’s basketball court below at.




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