Zendaya’s young Tom Holland impression has fans obsessed

Zendaya and Tom Holland are officially the internet’s cutest couple, and they’ve proven so once again with their latest *adorable* clip together

We’ve seen plenty of wholesome moments from these two over the course of their relationship – from Tom sharing his appreciation for Zendaya on Instagram, to their sweet interactions on camera.

Now, fans are obsessed with a new Zendaya-Tom exchange, and it’s all to do with Zendaya’s hilarious impression of a young Tom.

Sitting down to promote the pair’s new film Spider-Man: No Way Home, Zendaya told the Daily Mail about her favourite past interview clip featuring a young Tom, following his appearance in Billy Elliot the Musical back in 2008.

Zen 5
Zen 5

Doing her best imitation of a then-12-year-old Tom, Zendaya put on her cutest British accent and quoted the young actor, saying, “I can’t really explain it. I haven’t got the words.”

Fans, of course, quickly became obsessed with the impression, matching it up to the original clip of Tom, and it’s surprisingly accurate.

Sharing the clip on Instagram, fans wrote, “Zendaya making fun of young Tom Holland is the funniest thing.” Agreed.

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Uncanny if you ask us.

Responding to the cute video on Insta, one fan commented, “Please, they are so funny together,” while another added, “You know she’s watched that a lot 😂”.

The thought of Tom and Zendaya sat at home roasting each other with impressions = comedy gold.

Keep the cute moments coming, please and thanks.


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